Private Training

Personalized programming for sports specific goals
Remote programming and coaching (variety of means of communication)
Flexibility in scheduling (frequency and regularity)
Variety of focus topics

Are you having a hard time with specific movements, ideas, or techniques? Think your goals might be better suited outside of a group setting? We can help!

CrossFit Bovine offers personalized, private training sessions to help with any goals you might have. You don’t even have to be a member to get in touch with a Coach and immediately see the benefits of one-on-one attention with personalized programming.

What should I expect from personal training at CFB?
Goal satisfaction. If you need nutritional accountability, to increase muscle mass, are looking for extra help in a specific area, recovering from injury, or want to take your game to the next level, we have an option for you. You can expect to remain uninterrupted, with a coaching eye on you for one hour straight through individual programming.

How often should I meet and train with a coach in this setting?
It is completely up to you. Similarly to the way our athletes choose when to take a rest day, it is up to the athlete to understand the needs and demands of his/her body. If you are also involved in our regular CrossFit classes your time in personal training may be more limited. We have noticed the trend is in between 1-3 times per week for individuals seeking this kind of attention. Of course it all depends on the athletes needs, but we can mold to almost anything!

What can I choose to focus on in these types of sessions?
Just about anything. We currently have some that would rather not have the “distraction” of a class and others that just need the focused work. Additionally, we provide anything from general CrossFit skills, specialized weight-loss programming, sport-specific details, tailored strength work to attack your weakness, and a passion for weightlifting technique and strength.

If I’m the type that would rather workout alone with a coach, can I stop coming to classes all together and solely participate in personal training?
You may choose to participate in any capacity you deem necessary. Our athletes do not have to participate in classes to take private sessions. If you would rather see a coach habitually in a private setting we encourage you to do so.

How do I start?
You may approach this in one of two ways. You may already know the frequency and topic(s) you wish to attack. Get in touch with Colin by phone/text/email (or in person) and schedule your complimentary evaluation.

On the other hand, you may not know what you’re looking for in a private setting. Speak with a staff member the next time you stop in; they’ll help you sort out what you’re looking for and walk you through the set up from there!

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