Prep Course


As our community grows, both locally in our gym and outside our walls, it is our responsibility to educate the folks we come into contact with so as to provide them the best opportunity possible for success. In doing so we’ve created a unique opportunity for people seeking a higher level of fitness awareness. The new Course involves a more in depth look at movement and nutrition, revelational accountability, all delivered in a simple, bite-sized manner. 


You’ve either never experienced CrossFit or are still on the brink of feeling comfortable with the uncomfortable feeling that we train with. Along with the raw physical output we demand, you may not quite have the mechanics and movement patterns we are looking for in functional capacities. For this population we have a programming stream that focuses heavily on movement quality so as to prepare for what’s to come when you join our Bovine-badassery.

The Prep Course is CFB’s method of integrating athletes into our facility and methodology. It is a six week course built around the classic CrossFit mantra of a constantly varied program focused on executing functional movements at high intensity (CVFMHI). The whole point of this thing is to get you moving and moving well. Whether you’re new, inexperienced, rusty, or just looking for a good opportunity to solidify your foundation this is a great option to begin with.


Disclosure  Let us be clear, we have two Programming streams — “Ham” and “Herd”, but we have three programs — “Prep”, “Ham”, and “Herd”. While we address the entire community as “The Herd”, that is the designation for our competition team, “Ham” is a description for anyone not ready or uninterested in the competition arena and general population program as a whole, “Prep” is the term we use for our new athletes that take a two-week Prep Course. All of these programs are CrossFit and follow a methodology with the intent of building an athlete capable of responding well to any task. To what degree this takes place is dictated by the program and athlete. 



  1. I’m interested in finding out more on crossfit. I’ve not done it and am trying to lose weight while building endurance.


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