Our Philosophy

“CrossFit begins with a belief in fitness. The aim of CrossFit is to forge a broad, general and inclusive fitness. We have sought to build a program that will best prepare trainees for any physical contingency. After looking at all sport and physical tasks collectively, capacity culled from the intersection of all sports demands would quite logically lend itself well to any task. In sum, our specialty is not specializing.” – CrossFit.com

Enter CrossFit Bovine. We take an approach on fitness that involves a large bias, a useful and proven one at that – Strength. The missing piece to most athletes’ puzzle seems to be how strong they are. A variety of movements and tasks involve a requisite level of strength that many average gym-goers are missing. Strong does not necessarily mean big. One can possess mighty strength without committing to a “gains, gains, gains” mentality. When combined with a decent level of conditioning all of a sudden we have an athlete full of amazing potential. It is our job to educate and execute this initiative.

Our mission at CFB is to prepare athletes for any task, like many other affiliates and fitness entities world wide. Even considering our strength bias, you could say we have a bigger one – a fitness bias. A truly varied program should build a well rounded athlete with confidence in their preparation. Additionally, we take a focused approach on teaching techniques while relaying information in an understandable manner giving athletes the opportunity to reap the benefits of strength sooner rather than later.

We understand this is no easy task — which is why we chose it in the first place. “Anything in life worth doing is worth overdoing.”


What is CrossFit?
CrossFit is an evidence based strength and conditioning program built on the three pillars discussed above (CVHIFM). It was developed to enhance each individual’s competency at all physical tasks and provide “General Physical Preparedness” (GPP). CrossFit started well over a decade ago in Santa Cruz, CA and is now an internationally accredited performance based fitness program with over 10,000 affiliates worldwide. CrossFit Bovine is a private/group functional fitness program where athletes can workout only under the direction of an Accredited CrossFit Coach.

Who can participate in CrossFit?
CrossFit can be adapted to all ages and ability levels. We have proven success with a wide variety of individuals. The CrossFit approach challenges an individual at their current level of fitness and progressively moves each person both linearly and nonlinearly. The program is designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual, regardless of experience.

What type of instruction is available?
Athletes participate in any of our scheduled group classes. This is not a facility where people come in and do their own workouts at any time. We do offer different strength initiative only programs and private training. If you are interested in competing in CrossFit as a sport, have desire for extra strength or endurance work, or just prefer a more private setting click here.

What is the cost?
Programs and pricing.

I’m in pretty good shape, I currently do (blank). Is this worth my time?
Let us be clear. The program can be a mouthful for some. If you’re not coming to us from previous athletic experience this will feel very new. You will also become addicted to it. Everyone needs to ease into any type of regimen to provide a safe transition, but at some point you just need to jump in and get your hands dirty. If you’re “too cool for school” – come show us whatcha got! You bet your %$# it’s worth it.

Can you guarantee I’ll get in better shape?
No. You get out of the program what you put into it. If you listen, learn, and put in the effort, you will see results, plain and simple.

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