The Herd is a group of athletes with a common purpose: to win. You DO NOT have to be “The Champ” to participate. We need athletes to demonstrate a minimum competency in various skills and benchmarks. The Herd is expected to be a heavily more dedicated group that is willing to put in extra time under the bar, on the mat, in the gym, and on the track to achieve the results necessary to compete. There is higher volume and complexity associated with this group and, given the workload, heightened expectations in terms of rest, recovery, and maintenance. We prioritize weightlifting and gymnastics in an effort to elevate skills past what is currently the norm in the competitive fitness community. Better believe we have fun, but our main goal is to stay focused with the intent to compete. We are serious, light-hearted, determined, tough, emotional, honest, encouraging, trustworthy, and last but not least – fun.

Disclosure  Let us be clear, we have two Programming streams — “Ham” and “Herd”, but we have three programs — “Prep”, “Ham”, and “Herd”. While we address the entire community as “The Herd”, that is the designation for our competition team, “Ham” is a description for anyone not ready or uninterested in the competition arena and general population program as a whole, “Prep” is the term we use for our new athletes that take a six-week Prep Course. All of these programs are CrossFit and follow a methodology with the intent of building an athlete capable of responding well to any task. To what degree this takes place is dictated by the program and athlete. 

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