Most athletes fit into this category. You don’t have to be Rich Froning to be in this group. You must simply demonstrate competency in our foundational movements and concepts. We prioritize physical and mental preparedness and a strong, burning desire to be better than yesterday by implementing the ever-popular “CVFMHI”. You’ll notice our tendency to program and utilize a general strength-biased regimen. It’s been proven over and over – everything is easier when you’re strong(er). We intend to get our athletes as strong as possible (of course respecting their goals) while maintaining constant improvement in overall strength and conditioning.

Disclosure  Let us be clear, we have two Programming streams — “Ham” and “Herd”, but we have three programs — “Prep”, “Ham”, and “Herd”. While we address the entire community as “The Herd”, that is the designation for our competition team, “Ham” is a description for anyone not ready or uninterested in the competition arena and general population program as a whole, “Prep” is the term we use for our new athletes that take a six-week Prep Course. All of these programs are CrossFit and follow a methodology with the intent of building an athlete capable of responding well to any task. To what degree this takes place is dictated by the program and athlete. 

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