Bovine DOES NOT charge for drop-ins. Come to any regular CrossFit class, introduce yourself, smile, work hard, be open-minded, and have fun! If you like any t-shirts we have available grab one for $20 and wear our swag back home.

1) Go to Front Desk, make a profile, and sign a waiver.
2) Reserve/sign up for whatever class you’d like to participate in.
3) Show up and show off!

*Drop-ins are for visitors. If you live in the Dallas area and want to come check us out — try a class for free, schedule an intro, or complete the Prep Course. If you don’t have 6 months of experience with the program under your belt chances are dropping in isn’t for you. Email info@crossfitbovine.com with questions, comments, or concerns.



  1. I live in Hayward WI. I am a part of CrossCut Cross Fit. I am 60 years strong. Will be in Plano June 18-23. I like your drop-in schedule/set up. I will call to try to fit your box in for a visit/workout.

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