Box Rules

1. Check your ego at the door. “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”
2. We’re a family. You love, support, fight, live, and die with your family.
3. Start eating REAL FOOD now! It ‘s time to lose the excuses. Nobody ever got fit eating cheetos and cake. If it comes in a box or packaged bag put it down. If you can grow it, pick it, or kill it you’re most likely in the clear.
4. We love people that kick, scream, and fight for more, but not whiners and cry-babies.
5. Leave the coaching to the coaches.
6. Don’t be a goon. Introduce yourself. We are more than a box, we’re a family.
7. Be a responsible athlete. Taking weight off the bar or scaling a movement is smart not lame. If you have an injury TELL SOMEBODY.
8. We swear, yell, grunt, scream, sweat, and bleed. You’re welcome to join us.
9. Put your shit away and clean it if it needs cleaning.
10. Step away from the chalk bucket Lebron.
11. You will PR.
12. Cheaters can leave. Quality comes first no matter how long it takes. Your score means much less than you think, no one cares. Everyone cares if you cheated. If you lose count during a WOD, start at zero.
13. If you need a towel or air-conditioning the exit is the same door you came in.
14. Brag. You’re getting in the best shape of your life, doing things you never thought possible, kicking ass, and taking names. Be proud of yourself.
15. We are serious, light-hearted, determined, tough, emotional, honest, encouraging, trustworthy, and last but not least – fun.

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