Recovery Day – Watermelon Salad

With summer just around the corner, you can’t help but dread that scorching heat. While the summer typically means that we will drink a lot of water, eat a lot of fresh fruit, and chill out by the pool, sometimes we can still find it hard to cool down.

Watermelon salad is one of the few summer eats that made its break from a forgotten Pinterest board. With it’s popularity rising, why not give it a go? While the flavor combination may sound strange, trust us on this one–watermelon, mint, lime, and feta cheese are actually a match made in heaven.

Take a shot at it! 

Watermelon Salad | 10 servings | 203 calories per servings
1 small red onion, diced
2 Tbsp lime juice
4 Tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
1 seedless watermelon, cubed
3 baby cucumbers, seeded and cubed
1 c crumbled feta cheese
1/2 c mint leaves, sliced thinly

  1. Combine red onion with lime juice. Let sit for 10 minutes. Add in olive oil.
  2. Place the cubed watermelon, cubed cucumbers, and crumbled feta cheese together in a large bowl. Add in the red onion, lime juice, and olive oil mixture. Toss with mint leaves. 
  3. Enjoy on a hot summer’s day!

Macronutrient breakdown: 203 calores | 7g fat | 30g carbohydrates| 5g protein

*recipe inspired by!

*Credit Nikita Tiffany. Follow @niki.eats for more cool food action!

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