Recovery Day – Open fuel

We’re hyped for the 2019 CrossFit Open. We don’t know how else to say it — the Open is exciting because it tests our abilities, shown us how much we’ve grown, and humbles us all at the same time.

Most people who do the Open come from work, appointments, and/or  errands, so fueling yourself to perform well is important. While scarfing down an energy packet, pre-workout, and some dried fruit might seem like a good idea, you need to focus on your nutritional value. How well your perform during the Open also showcases how well you take care of your body, so it’s important to eat actual food.

A simple meal, like chicken and rice, has all the elements of a fast pre-workout get-up. You have a low amount of fat, a high amount of protein, and a high amount of carbs.

If that plain-Jane meal doesn’t get it done for you grab an apple, some peanut butter, lean/clean deli meat and a hard-boiled egg. Getting all your macro-nutrients in before the Open is not only important for your energy consumption, but it should be something you do in the pre-season too.

So ditch the sugary pre-workout drink, slop some actual food in a container, and take on the 2019 5-week challenge with good health. Happy lifting, Herd!   

*Credit Nikita Tiffany. Follow @niki.eats for more cool food action!

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