Recovery Day – Caffeine and CrossFit

Some of us can’t function without coffee in the morning. We can’t think fluidly or even move quickly without that extra boost at the beginning of the day. However, how much caffeine should we drink — on the daily and before working out — without becoming jitter-bugs? 

Patrick J. Frank, USAW and CrossFit Level 3, argues that while caffeine is shown to “to improve speed, power output, and endurance,” it can be detrimental to our health. It can cause insomnia, irritability, unwanted bowel movements, and anxiety. 

The question he asks himself and his audience is “how much caffeine should we have?” He thinks that 300mg (around 3 cups of brewed coffee) should be where we max-out on the daily. Drinking more than that, and you will face the above symptoms.

If you want to drink coffee in the morning, he suggests taking 150-200mg in the morning thirty minutes prior to working out. Drinking caffeine in this window ensures an ample amount of energy for high-intensity training, which is written all over CrossFit.  

Caffeine isn’t going to ruin your health. You can drink more coffee than that one day or drink less than that the following each. Too much of anything is bad for you, so just like anything else, moderation is key. Eating too many dates can give you an upset stomach. Drinking too much water too quickly can kill you. Just listen to your body, use this as a rule of thumb, and fuel yourself how you feel fit. 

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