Recovery Day – Healthy burgers! Is there such a thing?

Everyone loves burgers. Duh. It’s a staple in a fast-food chain’s menu; they’re easy to eat and incredibly filling.

However, when you’re cleaning up your diet, you tend to have to stay away from them. This is because burgers tend to have a ton of fat and an obnoxious amount of carbs from the burger itself, as well as the fries.

While most burgers have a huge macronutrient imbalance, you can still enjoy a burger by changing a few things. Let’s break it down:

To lower fat intake, use a chicken patty instead of a beef patty. Remove the thick-cut cheese and add in thinly sliced cheese instead. This greatly reduces the amount of calories you’d normally eat from a restaurant burger.

To lower the amount of carbs you’d eat, remove the bun and add a lettuce wrap. Then, make some homemade sweet potato fries to add carbs to your newly healthy meal.

Chicken Burger | yeilds 1 burger

1 chicken breast, pre-cooked
Lettuce wrap
Thin-sliced cheese
Salt &pepper
½ sweet potato

  1. Heat up chicken burger patty in pan. Add in seasoning of your choice. Put chicken burger patty aside to let rest.
  2. Slice up ½ sweet potato into thin strips. Add salt and pepper. Put in oven at 375 degree and cook until slightly brown.
  3. Put rested chicken burger patty in a lettuce wrap with thin-sliced cheese, tomato, spinach, and mustard.
  4. Take fries out of the oven and place on plate. Enjoy your healthy burger with fries!

This couldn’t be more simple and no we’re not anti-beef, but the take home points are basic: pay attention to the contents and portions of your burger [food] and you can save yourself a lot of heartache and still enjoy your food and your abs!

*Credit Nikita Tiffany. Follow @niki.eats for more cool food action!

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