You can’t take it with you when you leave.

We’ve heard it said a hundred different ways a hundred different times. Go ahead, make your billions, hoard your possessions, keep your secret information from the world, but I’ve got news for you: when you leave, you leave empty handed. At least in the literal sense. 

Your money is no good to anyone hidden, unspent or uninvested. Put it to good work. Notice I said work not use. Your possessions may only serve you if you refuse to let them out into the world when you’re gone. All of your information and knowledge is futile if forever hidden and not shared or grown. 

These gifts are meant to be multiplied in goodness, not hidden with greed and scarcity. 

We can share the things that bring us success and happiness. Those things bring abundance to the world. Even if only on a small scale. 

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