If you see a bandwagon, it’s too late.

“If you see a bandwagon, it’s too late. ”
— James Goldsmith 

A friend and I were joking about sports “bandwagons” today as our beloved teams colors, uh, run deep. It made me laugh because of the bandwagon stigma: it’s only cool to early adopters. While that may apply to sports, or fads, or other temporary success stories it DOES NOT apply to us. “Us” being the friend and I’s common ground of gym life. 

Our bandwagon is an interesting one. We literally want you to be happy and stay alive as long as possible or as long as you see fit . . . haha punny. Most people would admit that they like the thought of being alive rather than the thought of being deceased. They also would admit they’d prefer happiness to it’s opposite. These are common human traits and few would contend otherwise. Of course there are moments in life when grief, sadness, and anger are necessary evils, but in terms of a preferred state of the self-union we’re on the same page. 

If those are the things we stand by in our mission statement and the things that form our roots they are also the driving forces in our endeavors whether that be relationships, events, decision making, career choices, fitness prioritization, and even procreation. Basically, we will do the things we want and need to do to make ourselves happy. 

I do not believe our fitness “bandwagon” to be a bandwagon because it is an essential part of creating quality of life and vigor which will literally and directly return one happiness. Not that a bigger lift PR or personal best task time is the driving force of happiness, but the reward it provides on the back end certainly can be. There’s a reality there that far outweighs the opposite. 

Easy example we see more and more of over time: a person’s life is threaten by chronic disease i.e. lifestyle driven illness like heart disease, diabetes, etc. This individual also lives for his/her family. They’d give anything to go to their son’s baseball game and be the obnoxious fan in the stands or toss the ball in the yard, but cannot afford to do so because of an aggressive condition preventing them from the physical effort required to attend such an event. 

Bottom line, we love our family. When those values are threatened we tend to see the intervention as real and weight-bearing enough to catalyze real change. I’m not saying this is full proof I’m just giving you the facts. 

Folks will lie to themselves and put off what could be done today until tomorrow til the cows come home. It’s only when a divine intervention of some sort like a huge fight, family death, or life threatening doctor visit does it materialize into an effort we’d see consistently every day. 

Those types of interventions often bring people to our “bandwagon”. They realize, some quickly others it takes awhile, what they’re getting into isn’t a trick. It works and it can last, but only with effort and consistency. We’re not exactly preaching happiness is guaranteed through what we do or that it’s even a fit for you, just that it’s an option. We can help you find and become the best version of yourself if you’re willing to put the time into it. That’s the only trick. It isn’t guaranteed and even when it does click it’s not guaranteed forever, you’ll still have to work at it; earn it. 

It’s a pretty great wagon to be on. It comes in different shapes and sizes. It doesn’t always have to be ours to a “T”. You can find your own similar wagon that provides you what you’re looking for, but the fact remains the same: it’s not only cool for early adopters. There’s plenty of room. You can get on and off free of judgment. We’d prefer you to stay on for the rest of your life, but will welcome you back any time. 

It’s never too late to jump on our bandwagon. We’ll be here. 

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