Low Hanging Fruit.

I’m standing, wondering “Do I take this? It’s so easy, accessible. I almost feel like I’m cheating.” 

A separate occurrence tells me “No way am I touching that. They’re practically giving it to me. I know I could work harder for something better.”

The temptation of low hanging fruit can be a real bitch. There will be plenty of instances that seem easy enough, so much so that it could feel like cheating, but it’s paramount that you take that win, that victory and run with it. That could set the tone for a next step down the road that is completely unexpected, but without it that next step could be completely forgone and missed. 

On the other hand, low hanging, sweet, tempting fruit can be a serious hinderance. It’s just sitting there waiting to be plucked. It can be done almost effortlessly. You’d be stupid not to take this opportunity. Or would you? The secret lies in the implication. What do you have to gain and learn from in taking this fruit? If it can teach you something or add to your arsenal then take it. If it can store a lesson for later on take it. If it can instill much needed confidence take it. If it has the rare ability to get you a needed win and turn you in a direction you’d have missed otherwise . . . fucking take it. 

The problem lies in the times when we take the fruit, the oh-so-low-hanging fruit, when we don’t need it. We cannot pull a singe benefit from it. We cannot squeeze a drop of juice from it. It is simply a record of past happenings. It will get hung on our mantle and forgotten. It will hold a physical place in our literal or figurative trophy case and nothing else. 

Do not take the fruit. It is poison. Forgive me for my unintentional biblical reference, but it is in fact poison. This fruit is unnecessary. It will decay you rather than nourish you. It will more than likely bring you pain and suffering; not the kind that helps you to grow. It will envelop your soul and drain it of life blood. 

Leave this fruit. 

Instead, look for the fruit that hangs low, but gives you an edge. You may not be sure when, where, or how, but there’a an edge there and it’s palpable. This fruit should be taken. Fear not. It will bring you growth. It may not be an easy-going growth or even a pleasant one. But, if you’re intentions are pure and you worked for it, that fruit is epic. Don’t concern yourself with the ease of it. You created that. Now, take it. 

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