Change can happen.

This is foreshadowed by understanding that there are some people in the world in certain positions in life and some folks in other positions. 

Some have an inclination to maintain a certain life homeostasis and live life as is. The word progress doesn’t quite resonate with them. Content is more their speed. Let me say definitively that there is nothing wrong with that. If that is a mindset and lifestyle that provides someone happiness then we’re square. It’s being unhappy that people should not have to suffer through. Every one of us deserves a chance to be happy. What that means individually is where we do not all stand on even ground. 

The second type of person mentioned above are the folks who have something different in mind than their current homeostasis. They see bigger things, or better things, or maybe just different things. Regardless of relativity they are at A and want to be at B. Fairly simple idea. They seek change. The wrinkle to that, and often times the deciding factor of full realization or achievement of said change, is the execution or doing part of the process. 

I will also foreshadow that it is common to struggle with progress, or the doing . . . hence the challenge of change. 

There are quite a few out there who consider themselves to be something of a guru in finding and creating change in oneself. They like to type things and post for the world to see. They like to claim they’ve made real, lasting change in themselves. And they like to claim they can show you how to as well. That very well might be the case. I’m here to tell you it may not be, not definitely, it just may not be. I am also not doing what I just outlined above. I’m simply providing a warning. Or maybe a consolation of sorts. Everything you’re experiencing in your quest for change is normal and rightly so. 

Those gurus . . . they’re full of shit. Change is hard. It fucking hurts. It grinds your gears and will present pain. At times the pain will be unimaginable. But right there inside of the misery and shit sandwich that is life lies a small shiny speck that if you find at the right time under the right circumstances you can make some serious headway in making lasting change. 

There will be people in your life resistant to the change. They will fight it and even judge you for it. They may not be on board. You don’t have to disassociate from them, but you do have to understand the dynamic of your relationship. You have to know when to take their good opinions as they are and other times tell them to stick it where the sun don’t shine. The balancing act of keeping those people that you want in your life will test you. But, we’re built on relationships and those people can be worth it. So is the change. 

Walk the line. Find your balance. Make the change. 

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