Productivity – buy your time back?

Tim Ferriss spoke in a interview about creating more productivity. He was alluding to specific pieces of one’s life, but it could be taken elsewhere just as well. Zero in, but think outside the box on this one. 

His main comparison was between renewable and non-renewable resources that we value or do not value and that creates low or high productivity. The easy example was between time and money. We often stress about money and try to scrounge, save, and hoard it because of scarcity. Whether scarcity is a mindset or a reality of your life it’s a backwards thinking to hide your money from certain investments. On the other hand we see time as expendable. We give away our time frivolously to unworthy causes because after all “it’s just time”. Some of us have a mindset that our time is expendable because it doesn’t cost us anything. We couldn’t be more wrong. 

Tim’s point, or my interpretation of his point, was that we very much so have these commodities backwards. Very very backwards. He blatantly points out, calmly as he does so well, that time is non-renewable, money is renewable. We are gravely misaligning our resources in a way that drains us of our most precious ones and keeps the very ones we can almost literally materialize ourselves all over again. 

We can make the money we spend back. You can’t do so with time. 

Tim values his time greatly and goes out of his way to drain his renewable resources with the intent of making more use of the non-renewable ones. He wants to know how to spend money to make more time. It may not be right this moment or even relatively soon, but it will prove useful at a time when time would be scarce. 

Reassess how you view your resources and make moves to use them more wisely. Whether that’s being smarter with your time and money to get more out of them or even being more frivolous with your money to take a leap towards what Tim was describing is up to you. Not everyone is in a position to make their money work for them. Some folks are in a grind stage and need to use some of their time, but that does not mean you have to do so carelessly. Find places where your time can be better spent or more deeply spent. Quality over quantity my friends. 

You could be saving yourself into a hole and wasting your precious time away. How can you be more productive? Are you giving away your time when you should be finding ways to save it and put it to better use?

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