5-Week Food Challenge


Listen up Herd! Follow these simple guidelines over the next 5 weeks and help keep your box-mates accountable through nutrition focus!

This Challenge is largely based on the honor system and the reward is solely (or at least mostly) in the results you achieve. We will be using a point system to determine success week-to-week and tally up THREE WINNERS after 5 weeks.

Coach is hosting a Wrap-up Party on July 15th (evening) where we’ll announce THREE WINNERS to be rewarded awesome, badass grab bags . . . contents to be announced.

There is no timeline on how late you can enter the Challenge. You simply eliminate the garbage from your diet and start keeping track of your points. The folks who start right away tomorrow will have the bonus of testing a baseline workout and more points earlier . . . SO GET IN ON THE ACTION QUICK!

*****Food Challenge Point System*****

Plus + (pts/week, total points possible by close of challenge)
+1 Attend Monday’s weekly challenge WOD (+1/week, +5 total)
+1 Attend Friday’s workout and complete the burpee challenge (+1 per 10 burpees, weekly changes)
+1 Attend 4+ workouts/week (+1, +5)
+1 Post picture and brief recipe description of one of your compliant meals for that day  (+1/day, +35)

Minus –
-1 Eating 1 serving of non-compliant food (start each day with 5 points, 35 available each week, can’t go negative)
*Non-compliant is 1 serving of any sugar, alcohol, grains, or dairy

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