What are your rules?

“Beware of any enterprise requiring new clothes. “
— Henry Thoreau

You don’t need more shit. You don’t need better shit. You don’t need new shit. What you need is to do whatever you’re doing better. What you need is to put to work what you already have. 

Give Gretzky a beat up, fragile hockey stick and a weathered puck and he’ll make magic on the ice. Give Jordan a gravel street, torn and tattered sneakers, any ol’ ball and a rim that’s falling apart and he’ll still shoot like butter. Give Shakespeare a stick and clean patch of sand and his words will still shine like you’re inches from the sun. 

These folks don’t need the best equipment, conditions, or the latest Macbook Pro to be some of the best we’ve known at their craft. They’re simply great because of how hard they work and how they execute with what they’ve got at their disposal . . . which isn’t always much. Yes, there’s some talent involved, but I would say that talent was grown and earned through self discipline and true hardship. 

Often we focus on the things we do not have that are keeping us from unlocking our true potential. I’m here to tell you that’s far from reality. Take the time to really decide what you want to pursue and then figure out what you already have that completes the puzzle or at least gets you started. If you want to be a great a basketball player you may eventually need a ball and a basket, but there’s much more on the table to attack than glamorous dribbling and shooting skills with the perfect conditions. 

This sort of boils down to rules and perception of what has to be. We can be swayed to use someones else’s set of rules because we like the goals they’ve set or accomplished. We fail to realize we don’t want what they have. You want something unique to you. Why would you play by the same rules if you’re expecting a different outcome. Playing by somebody else’s rules is a dangerous game that rarely ends in success. Figure out what you want and what you have to work with. Start there and if you’re any good at it, with a little grit, you’ll find out soon enough.

Make your own conditions. Play by your own rules. 

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