Don’t be bigger than the moment.

Whatever craziness is going on in your life right now, no matter how big and scary, never let it take over. If you find yourself unable to take that deep breath and look up into the nothing that is surely bigger than you and your craziness . . . well then, you’ve lost right there. 

Do your best to always be able to step outside of your own head and see the moment you’re inside of. We’re never bigger than the moment. If we can grasp the bigger ‘what’ around us and be able to be ‘out of body’, not to mention realize the gravity of that (talk for another day), we’ll live in a greater space and have ultimate peace in the moment. 

Too many are failing to find peace. Failing to find happiness. What they’re missing is that the peace they’re after is in the moment they’re in. They’re leaving the moment far outside of themselves rather than being inside of it. 

Do yourself a favor and recognize the moment. It’s much bigger than you.

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