Be honest with yourself. Be aware. Harmonize and find happiness.

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”
— Gandhi

Such a simple idea, but so many find it difficult to execute. 

It is all too common for us to misalign something in our being that fails to satisfy our happiness. One of a handful of categories is not fulfilled or at least not fulfilled in harmony with the others. 

Imagine if someone has decided they want to pursue a family. They value partnership and passing on their lineage. They have realized they find ultimate enjoyment in life when they are surrounded by the people they love and can pass on teachings and wisdom for ages to come. They are truly happy with their family and have chosen to let that drive the rest of their life forward. 

Imagine if that same person chose they also wanted to stay out late with their friends constantly or they prioritized recreational drug use or a career field that does not allow them freedom with their family or a series of harmless hobbies that take up a large portion of their free time. Imagine if that person chose a life of family but spoke in opposite fashion. They constantly spoke about their private endeavors and how happy they are in the things they are after as a solo entity. Even further their actions part them from their family in a way that does not harmonize with the original life purpose. It can be just one of those things and can even be in a small, unsuspecting way. The point is if something takes you out of harmony there’s a good chance you will not find the happiness you originally imagined. If your awareness fails to pinpoint this misalignment you will continue to drift in that wake and wonder why your happiness always seems amiss. 

Consider the following. Let us say I have discovered what it truly takes for me to be happy. I know what direction I want my life to take because I have thought about my core values and I have a deep self understanding of what I want out of my life. I have paired that with some actionable moves like the next step in my career that I see taking me further down the path I want. I let that bleed into my speech habits by talking the talk constantly. My core values have shaped my mind which has therefore shown me my passion, I have decided on a direction to follow, and now finally I am letting it come out of mouth and materialize itself in everyone and everything I interact with. The cherry on top is that each of my actions, everything I do, in each of these steps is also in sync with my core values, vision, the path I have laid out, and the things I say. There is not a chink in the armor. My thoughts, words, and actions, the things I truly value and that make me happy, are aligned and I execute them constantly with no remorse, displeasure, regret, disdain, or resentment of any kind. 

I am happy. I have found happiness. What makes you happy?

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