Your character will make or break you.

Have character . . . You will be judged by it. Be it soon or be it late. Your character will make or break you.

It’s never that simple is it? In this case it is, but the ramification for the alternative is earth-shattering, though sometimes in small doses. For instance, it doesn’t quite shake your foundation to toss a crumpled napkin out of your car window driving down the street to maintain your vessel’s cleanliness standards. But it certainly could get scooped up by a bird on a fly by, eaten and failed to make it through digestion causing a small tragedy in the kingdom of the sky. On the other hand consider the carelessness of a bar-keep prejudging patrons by their appearance. He/she doesn’t give them the time of day as they seem to be a frugal type, tourists at that, that won’t be around long enough to develop a relationship and benefit from its fruits. Say a clerk gives you a false amount of change for your bill and you are sitting plus $10 because they saw a $20 dollar bill instead of the $10 bill you actually paid with. Keep it and leave or hand it back and correct the clerk?

These scenarios have an underlying secret: do you have character because you have character or because you have an end game?

This is a grave question and one that could shine serious light on the mystery of the universe and our material world of skin and bones. 

Some folks have character as in hanging a curtain over the window separating their front room of a personality with the inner and outer workings of their front yard from the world around them. Simply put, my front yard is tidy, kept, colorful, and welcoming, but my front room and corresponding house is a dark shadow of a soul that boasts quietly of dirty baseboards, dog-hair infested carpets, and an overall aura of apathy. These types may have character in their front lawn so as to garner something from those around them i.e. smiles, graces, conversations, or appearances. 

Other folks have character because they have character. They don’t want a filthy vehicle interior, but they even more don’t want a filthy world where a bird dies because of loose garbage. They greet patrons with a genuine smile because they’re new faces with tales to share that will enrich the lives of themselves and those around them. The greater good their character lives for is overwhelming valuable to them and won’t be thwarted. 

Ask yourself the hard questions. One of which: do you have character? When and why do you have it? If so, phenomenal. Now, go and make it unbreakable. If not, get some. 

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