There’s an odd experience amongst fitnessers, or so it seems, to transcend seeking an all inclusive fitness and indulge a fascination in weightlifting. Maybe even more specifically the sport of weightlifting. It’s an odd happening: folks soak in so much valuable information and find it logical to forgo it all for the barbell. 

I cannot and will not judge because I’ve been guilty of the same both in the described fashion and in others. What’s disturbing is the dismay and self denial. That would be true in any realm not just the bias mentioned above. Just because Rich Froning is ripped as all hell doesn’t mean competitive CrossFit as a sport is your answer. Just because you’ve seen awesome, strong weightlifters with incredible physiques doesn’t mean it’s your path. Just because you’re in awe of the world of bodybuilding doesn’t make it the end all be all to physique training. Be scrutinous in your setting and pursuing of goals. 

Just like anyone else I’ve found myself fascinated with all that is weightlifting and I’ve indulged for a time too (I still do). What I want to drive home is the “why”. Why does one slip into the world of barbell only?

A multitude of reasons I think, including the sexiness of the realm, the awe found in so many schools of thought, and the reward of such accomplishments as lifting astounding loads. I think also included should be the reasons found in false pretense: that it is the sole answer to a problem, others have had success so why not you, it’s cool, and the results are undeniable. 

All of the above are true, but some have either less meaning or less true meaning to an individual. For example: of course weightlifting is flashy and sexy. There are certainly enough variations in schools of thought to let the mind wander in what is truth and spend a lifetime mastering such information. Yes, the accomplishments of physical feats are undeniable. And, believe it or not, some of the false pretenses can actually be found true: it could be the answer, others have had success and so could you, and shit yeah it’s cool (lifting hundreds of pounds is cool as shit and if you say it isn’t you’re a damn liar). 

The problem is the “false pretense: that it is the sole answer to a problem, others have had success so why not you, it’s cool, the results are undeniable.” It isn’t the only answer you just haven’t given something a true chance to develop. Others have had success, but that doesn’t mean for a second you will have the same or to the same degree. Other shit is cool too. Weightlifting isn’t the only parameter in which we can observe results. 

That said, I love the passion. Especially if it is from a place of honesty. Overall, operate from a place of honesty and integrity at all times. Be honest with your goals and expectations. Have integrity in your decision making. Be honest in your pursuit of satisfying the road you set out on with the understanding that you ultimately set out on it. Last but not least . . . DO WHAT YOU LOVE!

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