Eat meat and vegetables, move fast and lift heavy shit.

I’ve just given you the secret to life. That is the formula to turning yourself into a machine. And it’s not just for big timers either. You don’t need to have any special God-given talent. He’s given you everything you need. You may fall short against some of your competitors, but by and large you’ll have enormous success over the majority of them if you can maintain that simple life mantra. 

Now, of course, that only addresses the physical, but you cannot convince me that those pieces won’t bleed into every other aspect of your life. Discipline is paramount. We know this because we see a lack of discipline daily. Whether that’s exercised by your peers or internally. We swim in mediocrity and rarity in discipline; it’s time to change our waters. Take one step today in the right direction, don’t wait until tomorrow. 

If you reading this, by some dumb luck, on your way to work and you’re planning on stopping at the nearest gas station/quick stop to grab your coffee and donuts or whatever “hot breakfast bullshit” they have . . . STOP. Leave it alone and grab a vegetable with your coffee instead. And they probably have it too. Open your damn eyes, look around and make the smart decision. Just once. If they don’t have vegetables grab a piece of fruit. They have it, trust me. And no, put the yogurt and granola down, that’s not what I said, I didn’t say fruit SNACKS, I said fruit. Grab your coffee, grab your fruit, and think about how you can make a similar quality decision at lunch (if you’re wondering, yes, you should be eating more often, but we’ll get to that later). 

Make one, or two, or three good decisions today. Compound those over a couple consecutive days. Then try to live that way habitually. Before you know it a year has gone by. 5 years. A decade. Your kids are growing up before your eyes and you’ve been conscious about making better decisions. You no longer park your car in the garage because you want space for the few pieces of gym equipment you’ve collected. Every morning you wake up, have your coffee, get your mind right, warm up, and get to work. 

Your mediocrity and rarity in discipline is a thing of the past. It is non-existent. You don’t know mediocrity. You practice discipline each morning in your workout and each day in your eating habits. Your family is in a better place because they have been raised in your discipline and love for them. You’ve evolved because one morning a decade ago you decided to grab fruit with your coffee instead of your favorite donut. This is big time stuff. 

It doesn’t take much. Just compounded quality decisions to be the person you want to be and get your life moving in the direction it was supposed to all along. 

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