Be uncommon. Find fun.

The video above is not the norm. It is most likely seen as beyond normal, impractical or extreme to the average individual . . . and that is where the problem lies. Our society has taken “average” so shockingly low that we have conditioned ourselves to believe it unnecessary or extreme to move our bodies in a way that as children was seen simply as playing. Read that short blurb again and then ask yourself if you are capable of the things seen in the video. If not, then quickly realize the sad and perilous state of affairs we have put ourselves in. 

We are an embarrassment to ourselves. We should be ashamed. Not until it threatens the one thing we have of value that will rise above all else in dire situations will it become apparent: our well being. It is that simple. 

Being obese and overweight is the new norm. It is uncommon to seek a high level of fitness. Bad food is the norm. Eating a clean, colorful, fun diet is uncommon. These are sad times my friends. But I come to you with a new idea in mind, rather a reminder of an idea we used to know and love: have fun. 

There were days when we were children and fun was the only thing on our mind. Where do we find the next fun. Where can we squeeze the smallest bit of enjoyment out of a situation. Our parents couldn’t pry us off the playground. We never made curfew. It was always a risk, but the fun always kept us on the brink. Those were the days we have to find again. And don’t lie to yourself. If something isn’t fun answer the bell and find out what is. You may have to go it alone and that’s ok. Be honest with yourself and find fun again. 

It can’t wait to meet the new you. You’ll have much catching up to do. Chances are you won’t be able to keep up with fun. It will exhaust you. It will make you feel weak. It will challenge the limits of your strength and expose your weaknesses. But you will have the time of your life, just like old times.

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