Seek depth.

Doesn’t matter the subject. Everything has more depth than we’re willing to admit or physically chase, because depth is hard. It is difficult to develop depth in a relationship. It is extremely difficult to seek depth in your career long term. It is insanely difficult to find depth in the things that you’re only half into. 

Depth is the secret to life. Find it and you will thrive. 

Then again, we can artificially accomplish depth as well. The tricky thing about that is people can distinguish bullshit. And bullshit stinks . . . hard. It’s a slippery slope to stake that risk on. For those of us lucky enough to suck at that . . . count your blessings. Not everyone can make it seem like they care about something when in reality they have zero skin in the game. Some of us can’t fake that. I’m surely not being sarcastic or trying to tip the scales to a favorable group of characteristics. You could say it would be beneficial to have that ability in the sense that you can save your own ass when the time is right and a facade seems a necessary evil. When you suck at that you have a choice to make in all things. Go hard or go home. 

If that’s the case there is one silver lining that will eventually eek out; sometimes sooner, sometimes later, but eventually it will find a way to reveal itself: success. If you really do have love, are ultimately enthralled in your adventure, have skin in the game and more, and have the gumption to seek depth . . . success is inevitable. It sure as shit will not be easy. That’s the down side. You will succeed, but only if you succeed. If you get pinned up against a wall and give in to your foe, well then, this won’t help you. All the good vibes and hoorays in the world can’t shine a turd into a gold nugget, but true grit and chasing depth will bring you to the end of your rainbow. 

I see it time and time again in my passion, what I do, what I love, and what I live. There are a few pieces folks have to take seriously, plan out, and commit to. Once I see if folks are willing to commit to and get organized in those areas I know with a great deal of confidence if they will find success or not. There are always outliers and those that get away with murder along the way, but the script reads true a vast majority of the time. 

I’ll repeat what I said because so far the things I have chosen to do so with have thrived and the things I’ve went into half as hard have wilted and died. Depth is the secret to life. Find it and you will thrive.

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