Get uncomfortable.

“If you’re not scared or you don’t feel nervous about something, I don’t think it’s something you should be doing.” — Brooke Ence

There’s certainly some context to this, but the home run seems to be in the value in getting uncomfortable. Brooke is speaking mostly about the follow-through in her workouts and her career/position as an athlete. That same mentality can be seen in anything we do. 

The nervous feeling does not have to be associated with recklessness, though I’ll talk your face off about that on another day and why that’s crazy important, rather associate it with taking a risk for development. 

Nobody climbed Everest easily. They’ve taken a large risk, sometimes their lives, in pursuing a challenge with great reward. I suppose the point, then, of this assumes initially that you’re seeking great reward in the things you do. Let me clarify . . . there is nothing wrong with stagnancy, complacency, or consistency. Moving forward, development, and reward are not for everybody. There is no sarcasm there. Different strokes for different folks. 

Back to what Brooke said. If you’re going into said risk and you feel no nervousness, fright, or uneasiness you’re either very well prepared or you aimed low with the ease to please. Reconsider things you do before you do them and recognize if you can step up your game and attempt something you’re a bit scared of. It’s not comfortable, it’s not easy, it’ll scare the piss out of you, but the reward will be great. 

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