Can you go harder?

Ask yourself that question in a brutally honest fashion. By no means is this about a workout or anything fitness. Life is a tricky sonofabitch and one that constantly leaves us either feeling worthy or worthless. Everyone’s been on both sides and the frustrating part is worthless feels like shit, but worthy sometimes feels like “Wait, are you sure I am?”

I offer you something different. Set the judgement aside and ask yourself if you can simply go harder in whatever you’re doing. For myself the answer is always a painstakingly annoying “hell yes”. But that hell yes is motivating because of what it can and will bring to you. Success, satisfaction, reward, pleasure. There is so much out there to be had we just aren’t going hard enough. 

Ask yourself . . . now. Right this second. Can I go harder? Then, and this is the tricky part, don’t make an excuse not to. Don’t give up. We give up every day on one thing or another and it’s murder. Don’t do it. Ask the question. Answer the question. Execute. 

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