Stepping up to the plate: Life.

Let me preface this read by saying it only works and hits home if you hear it in the voice of Morgan Freeman. Just saying. Take it or leave.

Enter Freeman:

I dare you not to watch the entire video. Suck it up and watch it. Just do it. Hit play now. Watch the entire thing. 

Now use your superb critical thinking to derive a meaning. Then realize this  . . . and this is the hard part . . . step the fuck up and do something about your life. 

The story isn’t flashy. It’s not about CrossFit Games competitors, you won’t see anybody nail a ridiculous clean and jerk, and you sure as shit won’t see a chick hitting a WOD in her cute, semi-revealing, Reebok booty shorts (not that there’s anything wrong with those things). The story is about life. It’s about realizing the shit we do to ourselves now will catch up to us. You will not stay young forever — fact. Your poor eating habits, lazy demeanor, and lack of motivation to get your ass off the couch and into adventure will catch up to you and rear it’s snarling face in the form of disaster. 

Now that I have your attention realize this . . . that piss-poor state of health, listen closely . . . IS COMPLETELY FUCKING OPTIONAL!

You’re doing this to yourself. And don’t give me that bullshit about diet and exercise alone won’t fix it. I call bullshit. A big, brown, steaming pile of bullshit. It’s the one thing (or at least one of few) that you can adjust and is well within your control. You’re literally standing, or sitting for the sake of the argument, in your own way. Get out of your own way and you’ll quickly realize how exciting this shit is. 

10 things that dont require talent

The folks in the video refuse to accept the answer their doctor has given them. They’ve been told that the average person their age hasn’t got much time left on the clock. The average person in their state of health has a rough road ahead of them and it’s one that doesn’t lead anywhere exciting. They chose not to be average. Fuck average. Average never got anybody anywhere. They made a decision to get active and stick it out. There will be bad days and there will be days when you’re on top of the mountain. “But when do I get to be on top of the mountain” you ask?

When you stop waiting to be on top of the mountain. Put the picture of the destination away and just enjoy the process. The process will suck sometimes, I shit you not, it will really suck. But, it’s worth it. You’ll turn into someone you don’t even recognize. You’ll look in the mirror one day and say “Holy shit, I did that?” There will be an “Aha!” I promise. I’ve seen it before and it’s a fucking beautiful sight. Don’t give up. We can’t afford to give up. 

After all . . . it is cheaper than insulin isn’t it?

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