Look inside.

I do this myself from time to time and I always try to catch it. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. It’s hard to catch. 

Do you ever find yourself saying in your head “If only I had this one thing I’d be better off or I could do more”? If only I had this other job I could make more money. If only I had this other outfit I’d feel more comfortable and could meet someone and begin a relationship. If only I could have more free time to be with my family and relax and do the things I love.”

All of those “if onlys” are things that we materialize instead of acting on what we have in the present. Rather than putting what we already have at our disposal to work we make excuses for the things we don’t have. 

Rather than “get that new job” what if I was so good at my current job that I was coveted in realms even above the job I’m seeking. Rather than get that new outfit what if I worked on getting fitter or developing my intellect to be a better version of myself so I can meet someone. We can play this game all day. The point is you already have everything you’re looking for. It is literally sitting in your lap. We are endless beings with a capability so grand it is difficult to find a place to start. 

Be methodical. Think about something you could do today using something you already have to get something you don’t. You’ll quickly realize all the things you want are very exterior to the things you really want and need. If we look within we’ll find what we’re really looking for. BUT, not until you realize it’s been there all along . . . waiting. 

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