Whatever it takes.

I don’t do what I do to garner recognition, respect, or any sort of assumed elitism. I chose this path because I recognize the piss-poor state of affairs we are in as a people and chose to do something about it. Next time you feel the need to defend yourself, your past, or your current habits save your breath. I don’t care that you used to workout all the time. I don’t care what your excuse is now. I only care if you’re motivated to do something about it. 

I mean all those words from a place of love and hope that we can turn our world around. There are people dying in places because they can’t get their hands on water and clean food. Meanwhile we choose to suck down soda like it’s going out of style, our portion sizes are insane, and our understanding of nutrition is embarrassing. 

Take a moment and let the next words simmer. Really read them and think about the gravity of the situation . . . 

You are going to die much sooner than you were supposed to all because you don’t like vegetables and would prefer not to exert genuine physical effort to accomplish a goal. You have shortened your life because you like sugar and netflix . . . literally. 

I don’t truly expect to reach many people with this so by no means consider it a PSA of any kind. What I do hope to continuously do is get information out in the open with the hope of effecting one individual for the rest of their life. If that’s you than stop waiting for the right time to get started. Get going immediately. Whatever it takes. I’m not kidding . . . at all. Whatever it takes. 

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