Fail better.

All of the people best at their craft have failed at what they do . . . a lot. Your road will not be easy. Get very skilled in one thing: failing. Failing is the key. It will unlock many doors for you. Some people play it safe because failing scares the shit out of them so they forgo taking a risk. If you never fail you’ll miss your opportunity to learn. 

What a scary thing though — failure. Part of owning this fear is eliminating it. Failing sucks, believe me I’ve done it. Fear of that failure is an extremely easy trap. We’re afraid to fail because failure is the opposite of success and we want success right this damn minute. We fail to realize far too often that a journey to success is laden not with small and big successes along the way, but is peppered with just as many failures, if not more. Your failure will lead you to success and the faster you realize this the faster you can truly own your mistakes, learn from them, and take the next step. 

Step backwards once in awhile. It could be the biggest successful failure you’ve ever known. 

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