The Open

Don’t do it. Don’t even consider it. You mean you were debating paying someone $20 to simply self-upload a workout score to a website? To see where you fall relative to whatever category you select? You’re going to stress over doing a workout a second time because you weren’t satisfied with your effort and know you could handle just a little more pain cave? 

You’re damn right I am. 

Every year we approach a super cool 5-week span where hundreds of thousands of people, internationally too, participate in something called “The Open”. Regardless of ability, inability, eliteness, or averageness there is a mutual respect amongst athletes who take the plunge start to finish in an attempt to see where they fall. Each year new people participate, adding to the pool of thousands making it harder to place where you had the previous year. BUT, you’re a fitter you now. You’re stronger. You’re better skilled at necessary elements that enable you to recognize yourself as a more well-rounded, capable athlete. The time you put in daily, weekly, monthly, and annually pays off when the lights are bright and you have to put up or shut up. 

By the same token there is no pressure. It doesn’t matter where you’ve fallen in years past or if you’re a complete new comer. It’s a new Open and a new stage. Who you are is a different you than in the past and we can’t wait to see it. This is why we do what we do. We want you to show off. Whether you’re competing with an individual, yourself, or even a goal you’re sure to set, the point is you’ve turned your mindset to focus on a higher purpose. You don’t just want to participate. You want to see what you’re capable of and so do we. 

Whether or not you succeed or fail by your standards or someone else’s is not the point. The mere fact that you put yourself out of your comfort zone to internally or externally compete is the point. It’s that you intentionally approach something that you know will make you uncomfortable that matters. You knowingly step into the dark corners of a WOD that you’re sure you won’t like . . . because you know you’ll be better for it. It’s why we do what we do. 

“This is it, don’t get scared now.”

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