Be present.

50-100% of our athletes show up every day. I used that ridiculous range because we don’t know the real number, but we do know that a huge percentage of the people that claim interest in our program and sign-up to take the plunge are here day in and day out without fail. Yes, there may be the occasional schedule mis-hap, kids’ events that always come first, the exam a student has to study for, and other family or work stuff you have to prioritize, BUT the fact remains our people are HERE! 

That is unheard of in the traditional fitness atmosphere of the globo gyms we’ve all come to know. We provide value that far surpasses what our time commitment or price actually is. Next time you ask yourself is the 2-6 hours/week I spend training really worth it? Is the couple hundred I spend on fitness really worth it? Are the aches and pains of being sore worth it? The answer is unequivocally: come find out. 

It really is it up to you if the time, money, and heartache you invest to this is “worth it”. I don’t know how other people define or value worth, but for myself it’s about knowing what I do now sure as shit will benefit me in the future. That might mean next week pushing the truck to the shop because it broke down will be easier because I’ll be stronger and it might mean I’ll get to take my son on a camping trip for some male bonding time and get to enjoy all the physical things he wants to do because my fitness investment was worth it. 

You decide. I already have and I won’t turn back. There’s too much at stake. Plus, it’s damn fun too. 

If you were wondering . . . “be present” actually means more, but I’ll let you figure that one out.

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