Play by your own rules.

How cool would it be if people met you and couldn’t put their finger on what made you you? How cool would it be if they said “He’s like a cross between Mozart, Michael Jordan, and Big Bird.” No rhyme or reason to their logic just an odd description because they can’t do any better. How boring would it be if they said “Oh yeah, he’s definitely similar to this other guy I met. Similar style in his profession, similar build, and very similar personality.” Fuck that. I’m not like this guy over here or sort of like that other guy over there. I’m like me. 

Don’t play by somebody else’s book. There’s already enough people out there doing it the same way or trying to replicate somebody else’s pattern because it worked. I have no interest in that. I have no skin in the game of succeeding from someone else’s mistakes. I will succeed in light of my own mistakes and my own learning. 

Deal with it. Some of you will love me for it, some of you will hate me. I will succeed in light of some of you and in spite of others. Don’t try to please everybody. You’ll lose yourself. You’ll lose some of the bad parts and improve on some scale, but you’ll also lose some of the really great parts and sacrifice them for someone else’s bag of tricks. No way. I can’t reconcile that. 

If you want Cheerios go to Walmart. I saw them on sale the other day. You can get big, huge, giant boxes of them on the cheap. For real. I’m Beerios. If you want Beerios come and get ‘em. Can’t get ’em anywhere else. Some people hate ‘em. Some people can’t live without ‘em. It’s like I have a secret that everyone wants and needs to know, but they don’t want to listen just cause they’d rather have Cheerios then Beerios. That’s ok. They’ll come around. 

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