For the heart. Literally.


The inspiration for this came from a distant female CrossFitter (we won’t name her or her gym out of respect for privacy) who is going through some deep emotional and physical roads. It’s looking up, but the journey started with a rough truth and has been anything but smooth.

At any moment she could be ordered to go for open heart surgery and valve replacement. She has suffered from a heart murmur and the apparent complications that adds to one’s life. Despite her condition, she has committed to working out consistently at a CrossFit Affiliate and has seen tremendous gains — both in the box and in her stress test results at the hospital which are a direct cause of her heightened physical ability from training. She is literally in the process of fixing her heart so she can not die. Heavy stuff. 

What you need to take away from this is that each of us has our own justification for coming in every day and killing it. This individual is doing it to save her heart and most likely be around longer for her family. Some of us don’t have those heavier problems and are doing it because we desperately want to hit another sort of goal. Some are to do with physical training like getting our first pull-up, first muscle-up, hitting that big back squat goal, or beating a past time. Some of us have goals to solely set an example and earn the pride of our children. Some of us have weight loss goals for a variety of reasons. Never fear, all of these are valid. 

We get so deeply enveloped in our selfish goals that sometimes we forget about the people quite literally in peril. Take a moment and think about a reason for everything you do. It’ll bring you added purpose, hopefully resolve as well, and take you back to why you started in the first place. 

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