Establishing a Life of Fitness


“It’s not forging ok fitness. It’s not forging, hmm, average. It’s forging . . . you are establishing a level of fitness that is beyond the norm, is beyond the average.”

There’s a host of different people out there having unique CrossFit experiences and each of them is individually important. I want to bring attention to them (or at least a vague concept of each because I am by no means the deciding factor of “levels”) and why each is significant, the issues they may be experiencing, and why it’s never over. Here we go!

*Note the purpose for this is not to establish which type of athlete you are and to follow that up with any kind of a pitch. This is for the sake of saving the world one schmuck at a time. I firmly believe there is a way to do this fitness thing while avoiding burnout, boredom, injury, and all while maintaining balance in every aspect of your life.  It’s hard and confusing, but it can be done . . . and people are doing it!

The Unconvinced and Naive
You might be sitting on the couch regretting how far down your would-be-fitness has slid or you might be someone that hits the gym on the regular and has the perception that you know your own way and refuse to accept the realization that there is plenty of quality material out there waiting for your grasp. Either is fine. Here’s the problem. You’re missing out — bottom line. There’s a lot of self-awareness waiting for you and it’s anxious to be eaten up. You simply have to be hungry. Really open and see with your eyes. 

The Newbie
You may have just discovered a CrossFit community or are even taking it on solo. You could be days or weeks in, maybe even months or years. Point is you are very much so in the infancy of what you may or may not discover over the entirety of your life. The issue with this stage is the frustration, highs and lows, and expectations associated with such a newborn user experience. Don’t give up. Big, bright days are close within reach, but so are the pits. You’ll find a rhythm and settle into the ups and downs of such a long road. This is just the beginning. 

The Experienced and Enthralled
You think you know it all. You’re in love with everything about fitness. You’ve most likely found a community of like-minded folks to support you and are finding new success damn near every day. You are surely on a mountain. Trouble is no one can stay on a mountain. The descent is inevitable. It might gracefully by a soft helicopter ride, conversely it could be an unfortunate accident when your gear fails you and you tumble down the mountain suffering a concussion, collapsed lung, and a couple broken parts. BUT you lived, will heal, and use it as a valuable learning experience. The important thing is to enjoy your success and be proud of it. There’s no better place than the one you’re in when you’re in it. Those of us on the other side wait anxious for your arrival out of the clouds and into the space where we really start to figure it all out. 

The Lost, but not Unrecoverable
You fell. Hard. It hurt. A lot. But it’s not over. Unless you want it to be. There is still so much waiting for you — unclimbed mountains, rock holds not yet chalked, sweated and slipped on, and plenty of untouched peaks. Have faith and try your best to be present in the things in your life at the moment. There’s no use in wanting what you don’t have. There are plenty of possibilities for you to find it again. It may be by need or dumb luck. Your doctor could deliver a harsh reality or you could stumble into fitness by complete accident. Either way, you are not lost forever, only for the time being. 

The Well Seasoned
You came back and found your groove! Man, this is the tough part. This is the balance we all seek knowingly or not. It’s the point where you can have your cake and eat it to. You’ve found a way to be successful and focused in the work place so your family is taken care of. You’ve found way to satisfy your loved ones whether that be a significant other, your closest family members, or your friends that need you. You’ve found a way to make it to the majority of your children’s happenings and are present in those moments with genuine heart. This is so hard. We all find it differently, but the necessity doesn’t change. Life is great when these are in balance, but if they’re in balance and you’re health is whack it won’t last long. Likewise in reverse. Your health is no good to you if you’ve outcast those who seek to share it with you. Be wise and balance every aspect that is worthy of balance.

Most importantly, none of these are better than the other.

If you’re a seasoned vet that has come back to the game and have found YOUR way of balancing a unique and elite fitness with your family, work, and hobby life then I commend you. There are many others out there coveting what you’ve found and can’t wait to join you. If you’re someone who’s lost your way, be patient and enjoy your life. You’ll soon discover there is no substitute for a well-rounded, applicable fitness and will come back for one reason or another. Just do your best in all you encounter and I promise you will have what you seek (notice I said what you SEEK, not what you WANT or NEED). If you are in the stage of falling in love with this thing — that’s one of the most fun places to be and your only concern need be learning continuously, keeping an open mind, and to remain safe while you’re tearing it up in the box! If you’ve just found this thing and aren’t quite on the cusp of such a severe realization that’s not a problem. Each of us has to come along in our own right and rushing that is just about as careless as never finding it to begin with. Trust whomever is at the helm, even if it’s yourself, and keep on the path of learning everything you can. Open-mindedness is the key and you will find the way. Notice I said even if you’re your own leader. Some don’t have the fortune of finding a well-practiced, knowledgable, approachable, unique coach or mentor and that’s ok. Plenty of the OGs came to this on their own learning as they went with no one to tell them “right” from “wrong”. Here’s a newsflash . . . THEY MADE IT JUST FINE TOO! Finally, or maybe initially, you might be the newbie athlete who has no idea or doesn’t agree with the idea that they can in fact become an athlete in their own right. This is a scary place to be because you may think yourself hopeless or even settled on one thing you think is the end all be all and haven’t discovered what so many are . . . THERE IS NO END ALL BE ALL. We all have weaknesses and an all-inclusive fitness for the sake of your life is one that can’t be matched by any single component. 

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