How we gather.

If you have the time watch it. If you don’t, still watch it.

People love each other a lot. It’s in your DNA. We wake up each morning with love in our hearts, maybe a strong desire for a fresh cup of coffee, but nevertheless we awake with an appreciation for the human condition. Life throws us nasty curve balls that can certainly sidetrack our ambitions and thought processes, but ultimately we are a species that needs love and caring. That couldn’t be more obvious than our infants. Human babies are born completely helpless. They require nurturing to remain in and gain health. We, humans, need to be loved and as such love naturally. 

Take a moment and think about your deepest need. It is most likely one of emotion not of material. Everybody wants and needs money and security in many fashions, but one constant, true necessity is that of emotion and love. It burns inside us until it’s satisfied or possibly morphs into something driven and fed by compensation. Regardless, the point stands: We are inherently good. We require love to exist. Without it we starve and suffer. 

Seek your true needs not the ones you think of because of hardship; the ones you don’t realize until you’re left without even the most basic of life’s gifts. 

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