1. Register with a $20 Buy-in. There’s a jar by the stereo in the box. Put your cash in it and write your name somewhere along the bottom of the whiteboard, doesn’t matter where. 
  2. Check the website daily 21st-26th for the WOD. There are 6 opportunities to participate Monday-Saturday. 
  3. Video each WOD you do and post it to the Facebook group with your score. This is a same-day deal. No posting late or making up a WOD the day after. Playing catch-up is not allowed. It doesn’t matter if you real time the video or time lapse it to save space just as long as you get it on video. Keep in mind some days have a two-part workout. 
  4. Prizes
  • 4 WODs gets you a FREE T-shirt
  • 5 WODs gets you a shirt and a gift card
  • 6 WODs gets the CASH BUY-IN POT!!! Multiple winners will split the pot. 

A few important details worth noting. 

  • It does not matter if you have to scale a WOD in some way. The movements are all bodyweight, but say you have a hard time doing pushups on your toes as Rx and need to scale to your knees . . . go for it. We want as much participation as possible. Scaling is legit. 
  • How you place in terms of scoring DOES NOT MATTER. The athlete with the best score will not win the cash pot. Most participation wins the pot. 
  • No video, WOD didn’t happen. No excuses here folks. If you don’t get your workout on video it doesn’t count. That’s just about the only accountability factor we have so stick to it. 

Cheers and good luck!

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