“Show me the real”

Absolutely have to give credit where it’s due, so here’s the inspiration. Don’t be lazy. Take four minutes and watch it. Cheers.

Obviously this bit is very applicable to what we do, but the excitement for me comes from Gary’s perspective rather than the one he was demonstrating to us via his opposite. He attributed his success to what comes naturally to him i.e. business. He has to work extremely hard for fitness because it’s not quite as organic. Whether he means from an intellectual standpoint (lacks a fitness knowledge base) or a physical standpoint (has a hard time adding strength, stamina, etc.) doesn’t matter. He made it clear that he had to put in the extra work in a foreign realm to get what he wanted. 

The parallel for me is that the fitness part comes naturally. I spent a lot of time in a classroom and generally with my head in books getting the know-how part taken care of. Even though the physical fitness part doesn’t come as easy to me (I have a hard time adding strength, size, stamina, etc.) I find understanding the process very simple and easy. What is not at all easy is the business side. Yes, our program very much so sells itself, but that’s assuming you can get the word out. Our focus has always been to take care of the people already in the program. You can’t help the athletes you have yet to meet, but you have a crop of them already hanging on your every word waiting and craving the greatness you have to offer. Those are the ones that matter. The others will come . . . eventually. 

There lies the difficulty. The eventually is business too. How to remedy eventually does not come easy at all to me. Gary offers the mindset that you need to dig deep into that hole to really succeed. Especially in the fitness world. If you’re the fitness type that looks good and performs well naturally (relax, we all know you had to put the work in too, that’s not the point) you can’t just start a business and hope to make money because you feel someone owes you for looking/performing the way you do. There’s business work involved in that. The part you don’t know inside and out is the money part. You have to put in the work. 

“I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 8 . . . I’m 40 now. That’s 32 years of practice. Now you’ve decided to really do it? It doesn’t happen overnight. You got to put in the work.”

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