Chasing Unicorns

It’s not real. You can chase that phantom of a goal all you want, but it’s like the carrot on a line out in front of a horse. No matter how fast the horse moves the carrot will always be mere inches away. It’s so consistently close the horse can almost taste it. To the point that it’s annoying. But he won’t give up. The thought of achieving his goal is too satisfying. But not satisfying enough that the aimlessness of his quest is forthcoming. Blind, thoughtless pursuit is enough because the thought of at least heading in the right direction quenches his thirst.

There lies the problem. Thirst is only quenched. The man is only fed the fish. If only he was taught the art of fishing would his pursuit be clear, direct, precise. Don’t fall for the simple, quick drink or the scrap of fish. Don’t be the horse satisfied by at least being able to see his appetite hover in front of his eyes only to never quite reach the satisfaction he craves. Such a blind journey are those. Find the path that requires sight and true purpose. With purpose follows direction. With direction follows clarity. Ultimately, clarity brings a type of salvation. 

Not until you find the reason you’re chasing the unicorn will the course to catch it become clear. Until then, keep running in circles. When you’re ready to talk goals come find me. I can’t wait to listen to what your heart wants. 

Maybe the horse will learn to go really fast and hit the brakes so the carrot comes to him, maybe he won’t.

There is a way to get there and I want to help you find it. 

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