Be your ambition. 

“I don’t want to live a life where I’m 30 years old and I can predict what I’ll have when I’m 60. I want more adventure.”

The man highlighted in the video was a translator for CrossFit Level 1 courses in the eastern hemisphere. He spoke about how he quit his job to take a risk with CrossFit and pursue a dream. 

He came from a workplace where structure and routine were key for keeping employees on a steady road. They knew exactly where they were in terms of career advancement, how to climb the ladder, and even what their retirement would look like. Basically the guy’s entire life was laid out for him and it was overwhelmingly underwhelming. Then you come to find out he was a police officer. The man had a respected, decently paid career. He chose to give up the sureness of it for something that really fired him up. 

That is what I wish more people chose. It has nothing to do with leaving something consistent, planned out, or standard. It has to do with being honest in your ambitions and acting on them. If your ambitions lead you to something like he and many others left behind that’s perfectly awesome. 

He’s out of his %$#@ing mind, right?

It’s ok to be a little out of your %$#@ing mind. Anything is possible…if you’re willing to take the risk. Taking a risk is tough, though, because it suggests unsureness. You’d have to be crazy to do something you’re unsure about right? That’s half the fun. Anybody can go down a road they already know the outcome to, but it takes balls and wits to travel the unknown. 

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