Put in the work.

“People see [blank] and think it was easy. It’s easy to see someone else and put yourself into their position and say, “oh, I can do that.” But, put in the work, and you find the story isn’t always a glorious six months of parties and champagne.”

“Gary often alludes to people wanting to be the next Zucks, and sure he built Facebook in just a couple of months and it got popular overnight, but that guy learned and practiced programming for like ten years before making The Facebook. Doing that meant that when he got the idea, he could execute and do it right. Gotta put in the time, work, and hustle, no matter what it is!”

These words are from a comment feed to another Vaynerchuk video (I will continue to learn a lot from that guy). Had to dig a bit down into the feed, but I found them. Straight up gold. It’s very very easy to do one of the two following things.

1.) “Oh, I can do that, anyone could do that if they had the time.” Never heard a bigger load of bullshit in my life. No, you wouldn’t be an awesome athlete if you had the time to “train all day” like the others. You’d be a lazy piece of shit sitting on the couch playing video games and eating Doritos off your stomach. Work takes work and if you don’t have it you don’t have it.

2.) “That’s impossible. I could never do that. I might as well give up now.” What a ridiculous excuse to stay in that small shell of yourself. You could be great at something, if you tried.

The third thing is very difficult to do. The third thing is recognizing and digging deep to find the chops to put in the work to find out if it is in fact doable (easy or not doesn’t matter). You might fail. People fail at shit all the time; there’s nothing wrong with that. Failing isn’t the problem. Failing before you fail is the problem. Let me tell you . . . it’s only not doable if you think it so.

Don’t play the conviction victim. You’re already failing by not putting in the work. What’s the worst that could happen?


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