Another piece on coveting success.

“Know yourself. Try every different option or idea until you have exhausted them and found the one that works for you. It could take one month. Four months. A year. Maybe even longer. But that one year could change the rest of your life, and what’s one year when you put it like that?”
— Gary Vaynerchuk 

We all want to be successful in some walk of life. Business, athletics, family, random hobbies, anything really applies. That coveted success, though, is halted when we perceive ourselves to have exhausted all of our options. “Well I must’ve tried it all and nothing works so I guess it wasn’t meant to be” is certainly a scapegoat (shut your mouth, I’ll use that word there if I want) mentality when one is discouraged. It’s an excuse to make giving up seem rational. 

Of course it didn’t work the first try — anything worth succeeding in is going to be hard as shit! Try every possible angle; you’ll find something. 

Finding the right approach is not going to be the shortest, smoothest road. It might  be a rocky-ass trail with enormous trees fallen over the pass and hornets nests every so often, but damn’t there’s a way out. Sometimes you just have to be willing to cut through the thick brush hiding the outcome you’re looking for. Like Gary said in his words above, “that one year could change the rest of your life, and what’s one year when you put it like that?”

I’ve already been through it a couple times. Not that I’m the gold standard for success by any means, in fact far from it, but I’ve seen things done the short, fast, easy way and I’ve also done it my way. My way sometimes works better, sometimes worse, some faster, some slower. Any way you look at it, exhaust all possibilities before you give up, otherwise you’re just giving up. 

Moral of the story? Never give up. You’re never out of the fight. 

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