The secret is . . . there is no secret.

I think what made this CrossFit thing great, what makes anything great for that matter, was the originality of simplicity in its’ roots early on. It is very easy as anything evolves and unfolds into bigger and better things to get away from the very core of where the success came from in the first place. People forget the safest, most effective way to progress in anything is to do just that — progress. Very few come into this and start from scratch with a strong foundation. They must first build that solid ground and move on from there. The tallest pyramids have the biggest bases. 

It is all too easy to look for the sexiest workouts, the most intricate programs, and seek the best help you can find. In reality all you need is the originality of simplicity that made everyone great from day one. The secret is . . . there is no secret. It is not complicated. It’s not sexy. It’s not fast. And it sure as shit is not easy. 

Mechanics so precise you never thought you could.
Consistency so relentless you never thought possible.
Intensity so pungent you never knew existed. 

If you can look at yourself in the mirror and honestly say you have built the proper foundation, it is consistently held in check, and is unwavering when you push the limits then move on. My mistake. But, I believe that is true for very, very few people. Get back to basics. Make it right. Start building your success now. 

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