*After we warm-up and stretch hit the ground running on the following two lifts. Warm-up sets are built in.
A) Back Squat 5@40%, 5@50%, 3@60% **then** 5@75%, 5@80%, 5+@85%
Bench Press (indentical %)
*Rest between 60-90 sec is a safe bet for all sets. Stick to the percentages religously. The plus implicates a max effort set. Have fun!
5 Goblet Squats @ 53/35
5/5 KBSn (L/R)
10 Goblet Squats
10/10 KBSn (L/R)
15 Goblet Squats
15/15 KBSn (L/R)
*If you finish those 3 rounds of the couplet, AMRAP Pushups in remaing time.
*Rest 2 min between AMRAPs

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