Do what you love regardless of hardship. The good will roll around.

Tony Hawk has been a sort of, pseudo-role model for me for a long time. Not that I was ever big into skating or anything, but in that he had balls. Say what you want about his 900 and the Pappas scandal at the ’99 X-Games; he landed that trick. Doesn’t matter that someone had plans to beat him to it. He failed miserably over and over again, but had the balls to keep going after it. That’s why he’s a major figure to me. I guess that’s a huge m.o. of skating; in it’s nature requires a fearless, blinding pursuit of success. 

In the above interview Hawk and well-known angel investor Chris Sacca (had a big hand in Twitter and Uber) speak on several topics. The one that stuck out to me was Hawk’s genuineness when it came to his success and the subsequent fall of skateboarding only to come back in popularity. He talked about sacrifice and what it took to succeed again. If you’re the type that “doesn’t have time to watch a semi-long video” go to 14:48 to have your mind blown by someone who’s done it in both the creative sense as well as the ever-experimental world of entrepreneurship. 

The take-home should bleed into you like ink spilled on a page. In the words of Shia LaBeouf . . . 

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