%$#@ mediocrity. 

Mediocrity is shit. Tried that already, didn’t work. It got me nowhere, unless you count realizing where I was and being conscious enough to change it. Not that I’m above mediocre or anything, it’s just that I’m trying to surpass it more and more by the minute. I was complacently mediocre for a long time. Wasn’t very good at sports (still not . . .), wasn’t super smart (still learning), wasn’t very confident, struggled to care in multiple capacities, communicated poorly, and the list goes on. Not that I’ve turned any of those tables as much as I’d have liked by now, but I’ve come to find out it all revolves around an awareness factor.

Being aware of your current state is really the only way to rise above it. You’ve heard it before: you have to know where you’ve been to know where you’re going. Same concept I suppose. Even Gandhi, in his simplistic sense of being, was far above mediocrity in his purpose. 

It’s not that mediocrity is bad or less than the alternative, it’s just suffocating. We all got A’s in being mediocre, that shits easy. Surpass that to a new awareness. 

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