How the good opinions of others wrecks our creativity.

I just discovered Medium and hope to potentially find some really great ideas flowing around in there. One that I oh-so-unregrettably, randomly clicked on can be found here. I won’t delve into who she is, what type of artistry she defines herself by, neither by style or genre, and I won’t break it down . . . GO READ TO FIGURE IT OUT

What I really want to hit on, or maybe even hate on, is the person who wrote to the artist and inspired the bit. Without giving away the details you’d only get from her writing, this will give you insight to my concern with a particular fan personality. Events go as follows: artist makes art, fan loves art, fan funds art directly or indirectly, artist has success, artist evolves, fan does not evolve or accept the evolution, fan becomes “concerned”, fan speaks/acts out, artist has gut-wrenching despair at risk of failure stemming from fans expectations. 

The fan’s notion of having the right to make a managerial decision on how the artist should live is ludicrous. Regardless of our profession or area of expertise, whether that be art or not, no one has the authority to control how we spend our earnings. 

If I am a writer and my fans are funding my ability to write and I buy a Dr. Pepper, sit down and take a break am I no longer delivering the artistry I initially set out to? FUCK NO! Get out of my ass for making life decisions and doing my thing. 

The artist became pregnant after producing a type of art that the fan viewed as only possible when in a dark place, suffering, or using a “muse” that falls outside the relativity of having a child. Because having a child makes people happy? And happy people can’t make art? Get the fuck out of here. What gives you the right to define what she originated? If you enjoy what she produces, fantastic. Continuing providing the means for her to work. If she evolves and you can be onboard with that, also fantastic. Otherwise, STFU and move on. Don’t destroy her life because of your projected insecurities. Do you and let her do her. 

End rant. 

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