Better base, better pyramid.

In our world of constantly trying to move faster, move better, or move more we forget about the simple stuff. We want to squat more weight, PR this lift or that lift, improve a workout time/result, or improve sport X in some way and we forget about the simple stuff. All of those things in some way involve achieving a sharper or taller pyramid. 

I have some news for you: your pyramid will be limited by its’ base. Sometimes we have to go back, re-evaulate, and do the nitty gritty again to widen and strengthen the bottom of the pyramid. That might mean going back to boring sled pulls, stair runs, 400m run repeats, or even the most basic muscle building pieces like hamstring and lower trap work. You can’t squat big weight with “dumb” hamstrings. Quads are all well and good, but that’s only half your leg. 

Credit to Barbell Shrugged and their interview with Julien Pineau from Strongfit for “inspiring” this bit. It’s important to note that most of the pyramid base details Julien pointed out are specific imbalances. I’m in complete agreement with him, but I’m talking more about the general puzzle of seeking a complete fitness. Believe it or not squatting and running are connected. Even further down the rabbit hole — your upper back weakness is connected to your knee and ankle problems. 

It’s such a huge overarching theme we can’t nail it down in one blog, one podcast, or even one training session. We can discuss and begin to formulate a plan, but the most basic accomplishment is that you have to be willing to admit your faults. Don’t blame your inability to snatch well, PR your squat, or move well at all on the shoulder injury you received 10-20 years ago in high school wrestling or your bad knee from sport X and desk jockeying for the great majority of your professional life. Just admit that you’ve never been willing to go back to the beginning and do the hard stuff. It all starts there. 

I highly suggest you make the time go back and watch the full video at the link above. Take this home with you: sometimes to build a taller pyramid you have to go back and build the base.

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