The death of the world.

Don’t get distracted by Elliot’s assertiveness at the inanimate object recording the video; that’s his personality. He has experience with athletes and has seen a lot of action in the strength and conditioning world which, alone, gives his words weight. Simply watch the video and absorb his advice. Pay special mind to the quote I extracted. It’s hilarious and deathly frightening at the same time. 

“Climbing the corporate ladder or whatever it is you do when you try to win, achieve, and be successful in the world. You lose your health. You lose your sanity, but you win climbing that fucking ladder. Thing with that ladder is a lot of times you get to the top of it and you realize . . . its leaning against the wrong wall.”
— Elliott Hulse, Strength Camp

If that doesn’t blow your socks off in some way I’m not sure what will. How easy is it, when you get a taste of success, to get lost in the race to the top that you either completely miss the experience of the climb itself or realize you went on the wrong climb in the first place. It can be thrilling to feel the win sink in and want more. Thrilling to make a step up, get a pat on the back, a nice pay raise, and the respect that comes with it. Thrilling to set goals and achieve them.

But what about you? Do you want to be the next partner in your firm, the next dean of medicine, or the next superintendent of whatever realm you reside? It ain’t always that simple. Titles, money, and respect sound wonderful, but what about leaving the world better than when you first got here? What about the things you really want, not the things you think you want? 

Ask yourself the most basic question: “are you happy?” Answer honestly, and you’ll find your answers. All of them. 

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